How to Keep Your PC Clean

It might seem impossible to keep your PC clean. Remember when you bought it? There were no viruses, spyware or any other nearly requisite issues that slowed down your work. However, there are some things you can do to avoid becoming the victim of identity fraud or losing that document you forgot to back up.
pc firewallCheck your firewall settings before you even connect to the internet. Some PCs have a higher firewall as a default, but you can control your settings in the Security Center or by going to the Apple icon for Mac users. Managing your firewall isn’t like one of those impossible projects on the science lab tables in high school. It does, however, take a small amount of time and effort.

Get Protectedpc protection

You can’t depend on firewalls for everything. Malicious emails, pop-ups and web sites can still infect your PC. However, a quality security program can keep you protected. You don’t have to spend a lot, or any money, for security. Avast is one of the most popular free programs that you can download in a jiffy.

The good news is that many dangerous sites now come with a warning. Whether you use IE, Mozilla, Chrome or another browser, you’ll often get a warning when visiting a potentially dangerous site. Consider the warning before moving forward. Keep in mind that some of these warnings are wrong.

Stop the Hoarding 

install iconYour PC might be running slow, and only you’re to blame. If you have a penchant for downloading programs and installing software you never use, it’s time to stop. Only install and keep programs that you actually use. Otherwise, you’re slowing down everything else for nothing.

Take time to go through your installations and uninstall what you don’t need. There will likely be programs you don’t even recall downloading. Maybe you tried Spotify and weren’t impressed. Perhaps that Rosetta Stone you were so gung-ho about just didn’t work out.

Know What You’re Doing

Messing around on the operating system when you don’t know what you’re doing can cause a world of hurt. Unfortunately, the majority of people aren’t as tech-savvy as they think. It’s best to leave things alone unless you’re sure you have a handle on it. A seemingly minor tweak can cause a serious headache for the life of the PC.

The best way to ensure a clean PC is to tread with caution, and equip yourself with quality security. However, even the most careful web browser will likely contract a virus at some point. Make sure all of your documents are backed up regularly, preferably in cloud storage. You never realize just how much you depend on your PC until it’s on the blink.


Tips for Writing Good Twitter Posts

When it comes to writing Twitter posts, you make think that you are the bee’s knees, and yet your number of followers never really seems to grow. This article is full of tips that you may not have yet considered. Before you run off and write another Twitter post, have a look over these tips for writing good twitter posts and see if you can apply them to your own Twitter profile.

Just because you take advice on a subject, it does not mean that you are bad at it. You should remember that there is always room for improvement, even if you are the most able person in the world. Apply these tips to your Twitter posts and you will improve your chances of gaining more followers and keeping the ones you have already.

short twitterKeep them short (as if you had an option)
This is not really about word count; it is more about coming to the point. Many people have very little patience for being held in suspense. This is especially true if they are dealing with something such as social media–in which they have very little incentive to put up with annoying elements.

Make them excitingtwitter laptop

For the love of your own self-worth, you should really try to make your tweets exciting. There are so many boring Tweet posts on Twitter that they even make accountants look like the life of the party. Stand out from the crowd and make sure that your posts are never dull (even if this means releasing a little bit of silly nonsense now and again) such as asking the question, “A great white shark has over 100 teeth, do you think they ever bite the inside of their cheek like we do”. Or, “Are bats actually the true form of birds that have become vampires?”

twitter faceDo not post for the sake of posting

It is recommended by most online gurus that you post on Twitter as often as possible, but please try to have a little sympathy for your followers. Are you really that interesting that you can post three times per day and still remain interesting?

Link early

For some reason–on Twitter a link should be placed early in a post otherwise the click rate goes down sharply. This may be because of the layout of the Twitter website, but it is most likely because most people only read the first few lines of a Twitter post.

Add some personality

Don’t forget the very nature of Twitter, in that it is a “Social” media. When you are in a social setting, are you dry, to the point, professional and slightly uptight? Or do you allow your personality to come out and infect the room? You do not have to go all out and start calling other men and women–pimps and hoes, but you can strike a balance between Tweet posts with too much personality, and Tweets posts that are lacking in personality.

Thank your readers for readingthank you twitter

Thanking your readers for reading is a nice little move, but signing off is even better. For example, at the end of Movie Bobs net videos on The Escapist Magazine he says, “See ya next time.” It adds a personal touch, it makes people feel welcome to visit again, and it is actually a very subtle thank you for visiting (the same one used by the service industry).

Every now and then you should speak directly to your audience

You can create little paragraphs that have notes to the readers. You could head the mini paragraphs with a name such as, “Between you and me.” In these paragraphs you could speak to your audience directly and give them information about you, or your opinion. You could even fill these little moments with funny comments. For example you could be writing about how a person took a bath in Dr Pepper, and you could do a little side note that says, “It’s better than drinking the stuff.”

Author’s bio:

My name is Sonia Jackson. I represent the UK web-site We’ll help you to solve all problems with writing different essays and research papers according to the rules in the UK.

Best Back-To-School Apps for Windows Phone

Each of us knows the simple wisdom – never too late to learn. This is especially true today, when everything is constantly changing and requires more and more knowledge and skills. But you have a unique assistant that will allow you be aware of everything and keep up with the times. This article tells about the best back-to-school apps for Windows Phone, which will be a great helper in your educational process.


Evernote can be called “The king of Back-To-School” applications. You can install this app on any smart phone, PC or other device and share information between them. In this app you can store notes, photos, files, records etc. At the same time, you will be able to access your information from any device.
evernote window app

Tutorle is a free application for Windows Phone, and it can give you ability to learn On-the-Go foreign languages, historical dates, formulas and other different amount of information. This app also can test you in several ways (flashcards, test with options and spelling test) to check your knowledge.
tutrole windows app

Flash Cards
This great app can help you to create memory cards for your exams, studies, language courses. This is very useful when you want to quick refresh.
flash cards windows app

Adobe Reader
Of course, you already know about Adobe Reader and, maybe, already use it on your computer. But the mobile version of Adobe Reader is must-have for every Windows Phone owner. It allows you to open different types of document formats.
adobe reader windows app

The name of this application speaks for itself – this app allows you to create your personal To-do list to check your tasks.
task windows app


5 Windows 8 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Switch On

Facebook, Google and other companies are consistently observing the Windows 8’s development before they build applications for the operating systems. We can observe this strategy of Facebook and Google whenever the Microsoft operating system releases the new apps officially. The new product which came into market from Microsoft operating system is the Windows 8. There are end numbers of applications which can be chosen for our use from the Windows Store. But the problem is that choosing out the most useful apps from many other fake apps is somewhat difficult. This article will guide you on this issue. Here are the top 5 applications of Windows 8 which benefit the entrepreneur at most.

Text Plus:
text plus windows app
As we know the some of the apps are available at free of cost. It is one of them. Recently Inc. magazine declared that it is one of the useful applications for the business people and entrepreneurs. By using this application you can type texts for up to 100 people at the same time from your iPad or iPhone.

Google Voice:
google voice logo
This Google Voice is a Voice over Internet Protocol program. This program will transfer the information over the internet rather than phones. It
is a competitor for Skype. If you want to reduce your telephone bills, then this application will help you most.

SurePayroll Mobile Payroll:
sure payroll logo
This apps is an excellent apps from Windows Store, it performs huge calculations. This application also performs deductions, deposit funds to your employees and manage payroll taxes. The cost of this application varies from company to company depending on the size of the company and pay roll requirements. It provides 24/7 access online. There are other payroll programs are also available like Peach tree, MYOB and QuickBooks. This program can also be integrated with such type of programs.

Scan2PDF Mobile:
This application will help you the most whenever you want a portable document format (PDF) file. This app enables you to scan and convert the document to Adobe format. This app is available in Windows, Android and iPhone mobile users. These phones will offer you a free trial. For the full version it costs $14.99. If you want to download the full version of it, and if you fall short of money then also you can download it by opting a loan. While taking loan make a wise idea to get protected with the help of ppi claims, as they provide some coverage in order to secure that loan if you lose your job in the future.

Ever note:
For the persons who travel the most, this app is a boon. This application enables you to keep organized. And will also allow you to take snapshots and notes. The added advantage with this application is that it also enables you to archive the tweets.


Statcounter giving you service for nothing. Not really

StatCounter is the leading website analytics and traffic measurement service provider. It really provides good service and free of cost (but yeah you can anytime upgrade to paid service for more data). As it is a very popular site so it gets loads of back links but not all of the links are an offering for its good service. Instead StatCounter automatically takes links from any site that uses its service, free or paid, visible or invisible, it doesn’t matter. Even if you are using invisible counter then maybe human can’t see it but the web spiders can easily identify the minute image and its link. This article will answer your questions like: how StatCounter does it? Is there any harm from these links? Or how to remove them? And if I remove the link then will it create any problem? Go on reading to get answer of all your questions.

The script is the way

The tracking script given by StatCounter to put in on our website contains the links. The link is present in all 4 types of tracking code given by StatCounter, so that no site is left of giving links to them. Here below is the standard tracking code of one website, this tracking code if for invisible script. It will show you that how StatCounter puts link in its code and webmasters hardly know it.

Now, if you have even basic html knowledge then you can see that this is an anchor link and image in the code. You can see how the invisible counter actually adds an image that’s links it You can click on the link the see how actually the image looks. One screenshot is given below.

After the image is entered then the image is linked with desired StatCounter page. This gives them a free back links from your site or anyone who is using their service. Below you can see that which part code is actually used for which function:

Does these links harm my site?

Now that’s an interesting question. But the straight answer in NO. Here is an excerpt from an interview posted on

Q. I know that inbound links will help my site’s ranking in Google search results but is that true for outbound links as well? I always link to quality websites from my articles where my visitors can read more about that topic but do these outbound links aid search rankings as well?
Kaspar Szymanski: No, they don’t contribute directly towards your site’s rankings; however they add value for your readership and they contribute to the community, so feel free to continue this good practice. On the other hand, being selective and preferring quality sites to link to might help in how Google perceives your site.

So , the link to StatCounter doesn’t harm your search engine ranking but it affects your site impression on Google . Therefore if your site is not related to computer ,internet , blogging or SEO then it is good to remove the link , which I will teach you below, otherwise there is no need to second thought to it.

How to remove it?

Most of the geek or people comfortable with HTML might already have removed the link from their script but if you hadn’t then please go on reading.
Below you can see the part of the code you need to remove.
remove statcounter link

So the code after the </script> is not useful to us and contains link , therefore we need to remove this part and only use the first part of the code.

Will it affect the functioning of the code?

Here also the answer is NO. After 6 months of removing this link there had been no glitch in recording the traffic ( I know this because I used two different StatCounter code, one with link and other without link and both of them gave the same stats). So you are free to remove the link and use the free service as usual.

Have a good day.

If You Don’t Change Your Online Password Now, You’ll Never Forgive Yourself

When your toilet starts leaking, you don’t wait five days to call a plumber. When your refrigerator is empty, you don’t put off going to the grocery store for a week. Why, then, do so many people put off changing their online passwords when they know the ones they have just aren’t protecting them?

Some people are lazy. Others are worried that they’ll forget an intricate password. But they’re putting themselves and their personal information at risk by sticking with a password like “123456.” (And yes, a surprising number of people use this one.)

If you fall into any of the following password traps, you should update yours to something new immediately.

You Go the Lazy Route

If you’re one of those people who actually would put off getting the aforementioned plumbing services or buying food, you may not have reset your password when you first logged onto a site.

That is a huge and predictable mistake. Know what the most common password is, according to SplashData? It’s “password.” If you haven’t reset, then there’s a good chance a crook could break into your account, because that is the first password he’ll try.

Avoid other predictable combinations, too, like any set of numbers or letters that appear in a row on the keyboard.

You Advertise Your Password Preferencespassword freak

OK, so you’re thinking you’re in good shape. You changed your password the minute you opened your account, and you didn’t use any obvious letter or number combinations.

But say you’re a huge baseball fan and your password is “Cubsfan.” That could leave you vulnerable as well if you advertise your love for your team on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks where people could find out information about you and your interests.

It’s okay to have a password that’s personal enough to remember, but avoid something cliché like an anniversary date or the name of your child or pet.

You Use the Same Password for Multiple Web Sites

Using the same password for more than one website is almost as dangerous as choosing an obvious password. When you do this you risk compromising all of your accounts if someone happens to hack into just one of them.

Experts note that it’s especially risky to use the same password for entertainment sites as you do for online financial services.

You Only Use Letters in Your Password

Most sites these days force you to employ at least one number or symbol in your password. But even if they don’t, it’s a good idea to do so. After all, the more variables your password has, the less likely you are to be hacked.

SO you just learned common mistakes and hazards of not changing your password. So please , go and change your password to something difficult to crack not the one given below.

worst password 2012
Don’t pick one of these

Hope that this post will secure you online.

Thank You

Check data usage of a Wi-Fi connection in Windows 8

Windows 8 had come with lot of features and improvements like some of security update our guest blogger in Windows 8 pre-installed security features . One of such ability is to show to data usage occurred during Wi-Fi internet use. This is a very useful but hidden feature; so many users don’t know it. In this post you will learn the way to check data usage of a Wi-Fi connection in windows 8.

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi.
  2. Now click on Network icon on task bar.
  3. Now a new sidebar will appear on right side which will have all connected and available connections.
  4. Identify the Wi-Fi you need to check the data usage of and right-click on it.
  5. Now the from the options click on Show estimated data usage.

  6. After you click, the selected Wi-Fi name will enlarge below, showing the estimated data usage.


Resetting the data usage counter:

If, by any chance you want to reset the Wi-Fi connection and start the counter afresh, you can simply click on Reset text in the expanded Wi-Fi details.


This can be useful when you just casually want to check your Internet usage from neighbours Wi-Fi or just to see you data figures. It can also help you decide your data usage plan, if your primarily use internet from your own Wi-Fi. Or if you have some limited net scheme then this facility can tell you when to stop browsing to save money.