GoCompu is a people powered tech blog that keeps you updated with amazing ticks and guides on various topics related to technology. This blog was put online for helping rookies and not-so-computer-master people ( but even geek can refer to our site). This site is still under constant up-gradation so you can say that it’s still in BETA mode:-).

Initially , I created compubiz.webs.com  for sharing my tricks and guides but that didn’t worked so after that i moved to WordPress free blogging service. Their i created my first blog gocompu.wordpress.com . After I started getting few visitors I decided to buy a domain and move to self-hosted blog for more control and flexibility over my blog. Thus this blog was created.

My primary motive to create this blog is to create a single place of awesome tech tricks and guides spread all over the net, so that people can get what they need at one place without much googling. As this is community blog , so this blog is mainly dependent on people you want to share their tech knowledge and experts guest authors who are master in their field. You can even submit your guest post here.

You can always contact me here at inanishlok@gmail.com for any tech help , guidance and support.

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me as geekAbout Me i.e. Shlok Inani

Hi , I am a 15-year-old newly made blogger who just started using power of net and wanna to be good human ( rich and famous would work). Except gadgets, i love pizza,table tennis and loads of sleep.

I hail from India , a geek exporter country , and currently live in a small town named Gandhidham. My first interaction with computer was when I was almost 5 or 6-year-old . My dad bought a bulky desktop pc ( that now may be recycled) . After playing road-rash , Mario and few other games for few years , I got to learn the real power of PC supported with Net.  Thereafter I started to fully exploit all benefits of PC with Net , and finally laid upon creating this blog.

Connect me at , Facebook or mail me.

*My real appearance is closely related to that on the left side.