Tips for Writing Good Twitter Posts

When it comes to writing Twitter posts, you make think that you are the bee’s knees, and yet your number of followers never really seems to grow. This article is full of tips that you may not have yet considered. Before you run off and write another Twitter post, have a look over these tips for writing good twitter posts and see if you can apply them to your own Twitter profile.

Just because you take advice on a subject, it does not mean that you are bad at it. You should remember that there is always room for improvement, even if you are the most able person in the world. Apply these tips to your Twitter posts and you will improve your chances of gaining more followers and keeping the ones you have already.

short twitterKeep them short (as if you had an option)
This is not really about word count; it is more about coming to the point. Many people have very little patience for being held in suspense. This is especially true if they are dealing with something such as social media–in which they have very little incentive to put up with annoying elements.

Make them excitingtwitter laptop

For the love of your own self-worth, you should really try to make your tweets exciting. There are so many boring Tweet posts on Twitter that they even make accountants look like the life of the party. Stand out from the crowd and make sure that your posts are never dull (even if this means releasing a little bit of silly nonsense now and again) such as asking the question, “A great white shark has over 100 teeth, do you think they ever bite the inside of their cheek like we do”. Or, “Are bats actually the true form of birds that have become vampires?”

twitter faceDo not post for the sake of posting

It is recommended by most online gurus that you post on Twitter as often as possible, but please try to have a little sympathy for your followers. Are you really that interesting that you can post three times per day and still remain interesting?

Link early

For some reason–on Twitter a link should be placed early in a post otherwise the click rate goes down sharply. This may be because of the layout of the Twitter website, but it is most likely because most people only read the first few lines of a Twitter post.

Add some personality

Don’t forget the very nature of Twitter, in that it is a “Social” media. When you are in a social setting, are you dry, to the point, professional and slightly uptight? Or do you allow your personality to come out and infect the room? You do not have to go all out and start calling other men and women–pimps and hoes, but you can strike a balance between Tweet posts with too much personality, and Tweets posts that are lacking in personality.

Thank your readers for readingthank you twitter

Thanking your readers for reading is a nice little move, but signing off is even better. For example, at the end of Movie Bobs net videos on The Escapist Magazine he says, “See ya next time.” It adds a personal touch, it makes people feel welcome to visit again, and it is actually a very subtle thank you for visiting (the same one used by the service industry).

Every now and then you should speak directly to your audience

You can create little paragraphs that have notes to the readers. You could head the mini paragraphs with a name such as, “Between you and me.” In these paragraphs you could speak to your audience directly and give them information about you, or your opinion. You could even fill these little moments with funny comments. For example you could be writing about how a person took a bath in Dr Pepper, and you could do a little side note that says, “It’s better than drinking the stuff.”

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