Best Back-To-School Apps for Windows Phone

Each of us knows the simple wisdom – never too late to learn. This is especially true today, when everything is constantly changing and requires more and more knowledge and skills. But you have a unique assistant that will allow you be aware of everything and keep up with the times. This article tells about the best back-to-school apps for Windows Phone, which will be a great helper in your educational process.


Evernote can be called “The king of Back-To-School” applications. You can install this app on any smart phone, PC or other device and share information between them. In this app you can store notes, photos, files, records etc. At the same time, you will be able to access your information from any device.
evernote window app

Tutorle is a free application for Windows Phone, and it can give you ability to learn On-the-Go foreign languages, historical dates, formulas and other different amount of information. This app also can test you in several ways (flashcards, test with options and spelling test) to check your knowledge.
tutrole windows app

Flash Cards
This great app can help you to create memory cards for your exams, studies, language courses. This is very useful when you want to quick refresh.
flash cards windows app

Adobe Reader
Of course, you already know about Adobe Reader and, maybe, already use it on your computer. But the mobile version of Adobe Reader is must-have for every Windows Phone owner. It allows you to open different types of document formats.
adobe reader windows app

The name of this application speaks for itself – this app allows you to create your personal To-do list to check your tasks.
task windows app



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