5 Windows 8 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Switch On

Facebook, Google and other companies are consistently observing the Windows 8’s development before they build applications for the operating systems. We can observe this strategy of Facebook and Google whenever the Microsoft operating system releases the new apps officially. The new product which came into market from Microsoft operating system is the Windows 8. There are end numbers of applications which can be chosen for our use from the Windows Store. But the problem is that choosing out the most useful apps from many other fake apps is somewhat difficult. This article will guide you on this issue. Here are the top 5 applications of Windows 8 which benefit the entrepreneur at most.

Text Plus:
text plus windows app
As we know the some of the apps are available at free of cost. It is one of them. Recently Inc. magazine declared that it is one of the useful applications for the business people and entrepreneurs. By using this application you can type texts for up to 100 people at the same time from your iPad or iPhone.

Google Voice:
google voice logo
This Google Voice is a Voice over Internet Protocol program. This program will transfer the information over the internet rather than phones. It
is a competitor for Skype. If you want to reduce your telephone bills, then this application will help you most.

SurePayroll Mobile Payroll:
sure payroll logo
This apps is an excellent apps from Windows Store, it performs huge calculations. This application also performs deductions, deposit funds to your employees and manage payroll taxes. The cost of this application varies from company to company depending on the size of the company and pay roll requirements. It provides 24/7 access online. There are other payroll programs are also available like Peach tree, MYOB and QuickBooks. This program can also be integrated with such type of programs.

Scan2PDF Mobile:
This application will help you the most whenever you want a portable document format (PDF) file. This app enables you to scan and convert the document to Adobe format. This app is available in Windows, Android and iPhone mobile users. These phones will offer you a free trial. For the full version it costs $14.99. If you want to download the full version of it, and if you fall short of money then also you can download it by opting a loan. While taking loan make a wise idea to get protected with the help of ppi claims, as they provide some coverage in order to secure that loan if you lose your job in the future.

Ever note:
For the persons who travel the most, this app is a boon. This application enables you to keep organized. And will also allow you to take snapshots and notes. The added advantage with this application is that it also enables you to archive the tweets.



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