Statcounter giving you service for nothing. Not really

StatCounter is the leading website analytics and traffic measurement service provider. It really provides good service and free of cost (but yeah you can anytime upgrade to paid service for more data). As it is a very popular site so it gets loads of back links but not all of the links are an offering for its good service. Instead StatCounter automatically takes links from any site that uses its service, free or paid, visible or invisible, it doesn’t matter. Even if you are using invisible counter then maybe human can’t see it but the web spiders can easily identify the minute image and its link. This article will answer your questions like: how StatCounter does it? Is there any harm from these links? Or how to remove them? And if I remove the link then will it create any problem? Go on reading to get answer of all your questions.

The script is the way

The tracking script given by StatCounter to put in on our website contains the links. The link is present in all 4 types of tracking code given by StatCounter, so that no site is left of giving links to them. Here below is the standard tracking code of one website, this tracking code if for invisible script. It will show you that how StatCounter puts link in its code and webmasters hardly know it.

Now, if you have even basic html knowledge then you can see that this is an anchor link and image in the code. You can see how the invisible counter actually adds an image that’s links it You can click on the link the see how actually the image looks. One screenshot is given below.

After the image is entered then the image is linked with desired StatCounter page. This gives them a free back links from your site or anyone who is using their service. Below you can see that which part code is actually used for which function:

Does these links harm my site?

Now that’s an interesting question. But the straight answer in NO. Here is an excerpt from an interview posted on

Q. I know that inbound links will help my site’s ranking in Google search results but is that true for outbound links as well? I always link to quality websites from my articles where my visitors can read more about that topic but do these outbound links aid search rankings as well?
Kaspar Szymanski: No, they don’t contribute directly towards your site’s rankings; however they add value for your readership and they contribute to the community, so feel free to continue this good practice. On the other hand, being selective and preferring quality sites to link to might help in how Google perceives your site.

So , the link to StatCounter doesn’t harm your search engine ranking but it affects your site impression on Google . Therefore if your site is not related to computer ,internet , blogging or SEO then it is good to remove the link , which I will teach you below, otherwise there is no need to second thought to it.

How to remove it?

Most of the geek or people comfortable with HTML might already have removed the link from their script but if you hadn’t then please go on reading.
Below you can see the part of the code you need to remove.
remove statcounter link

So the code after the </script> is not useful to us and contains link , therefore we need to remove this part and only use the first part of the code.

Will it affect the functioning of the code?

Here also the answer is NO. After 6 months of removing this link there had been no glitch in recording the traffic ( I know this because I used two different StatCounter code, one with link and other without link and both of them gave the same stats). So you are free to remove the link and use the free service as usual.

Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Statcounter giving you service for nothing. Not really

  1. Thanks for the article. After checking our site with firebug I found actually two stat-counter codes on my site. I would also like to remove the link that you are talking about. What html editor do I need to use in order to be able to do that. Thank you for your help.

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