If You Don’t Change Your Online Password Now, You’ll Never Forgive Yourself

When your toilet starts leaking, you don’t wait five days to call a plumber. When your refrigerator is empty, you don’t put off going to the grocery store for a week. Why, then, do so many people put off changing their online passwords when they know the ones they have just aren’t protecting them?

Some people are lazy. Others are worried that they’ll forget an intricate password. But they’re putting themselves and their personal information at risk by sticking with a password like “123456.” (And yes, a surprising number of people use this one.)

If you fall into any of the following password traps, you should update yours to something new immediately.

You Go the Lazy Route

If you’re one of those people who actually would put off getting the aforementioned plumbing services or buying food, you may not have reset your password when you first logged onto a site.

That is a huge and predictable mistake. Know what the most common password is, according to SplashData? It’s “password.” If you haven’t reset, then there’s a good chance a crook could break into your account, because that is the first password he’ll try.

Avoid other predictable combinations, too, like any set of numbers or letters that appear in a row on the keyboard.

You Advertise Your Password Preferencespassword freak

OK, so you’re thinking you’re in good shape. You changed your password the minute you opened your account, and you didn’t use any obvious letter or number combinations.

But say you’re a huge baseball fan and your password is “Cubsfan.” That could leave you vulnerable as well if you advertise your love for your team on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks where people could find out information about you and your interests.

It’s okay to have a password that’s personal enough to remember, but avoid something cliché like an anniversary date or the name of your child or pet.

You Use the Same Password for Multiple Web Sites

Using the same password for more than one website is almost as dangerous as choosing an obvious password. When you do this you risk compromising all of your accounts if someone happens to hack into just one of them.

Experts note that it’s especially risky to use the same password for entertainment sites as you do for online financial services.

You Only Use Letters in Your Password

Most sites these days force you to employ at least one number or symbol in your password. But even if they don’t, it’s a good idea to do so. After all, the more variables your password has, the less likely you are to be hacked.

SO you just learned common mistakes and hazards of not changing your password. So please , go and change your password to something difficult to crack not the one given below.

worst password 2012
Don’t pick one of these

Hope that this post will secure you online.

Thank You


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