Check data usage of a Wi-Fi connection in Windows 8

Windows 8 had come with lot of features and improvements like some of security update our guest blogger in Windows 8 pre-installed security features . One of such ability is to show to data usage occurred during Wi-Fi internet use. This is a very useful but hidden feature; so many users don’t know it. In this post you will learn the way to check data usage of a Wi-Fi connection in windows 8.

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi.
  2. Now click on Network icon on task bar.
  3. Now a new sidebar will appear on right side which will have all connected and available connections.
  4. Identify the Wi-Fi you need to check the data usage of and right-click on it.
  5. Now the from the options click on Show estimated data usage.

  6. After you click, the selected Wi-Fi name will enlarge below, showing the estimated data usage.


Resetting the data usage counter:

If, by any chance you want to reset the Wi-Fi connection and start the counter afresh, you can simply click on Reset text in the expanded Wi-Fi details.


This can be useful when you just casually want to check your Internet usage from neighbours Wi-Fi or just to see you data figures. It can also help you decide your data usage plan, if your primarily use internet from your own Wi-Fi. Or if you have some limited net scheme then this facility can tell you when to stop browsing to save money.



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