Take screenshot in android without any 3rd party app

Android is full of hidden features and most people never try to find these, thus doesn’t utilize their android power to maximum. Our guest blogger had already written a post that enlists 5 unknown features of an android. This time, I am going to tell you a very useful trick that will teach you to how to take screenshot [screen capture] in android without any 3rd party app.

This will help you to record some text or image (will browsing through your phone)in image from , so that you can use it in future reference or for sharing with your pals. The steps are very easy but needed to be followed carefully.

Capturing screen in android without any app:

  1. Browse to the screen you want to capture.
  2. Now here comes trick part, you need to press the home button (middle one) and the lock button (button on right side of the phone), together. You can see the image below of my own phone (and face) for better understanding.
  3. After pressing both buttons for about half a second, release them together. Then you phone will vibrate, white border will appear around the screen and a black box will appear saying that the …
    Screen captured. Saved as image file
  4. Now your screen is captured, but where is the image saved? You can find the image in you mobile gallery, under the folder ScreenCapture.

So, you learned a new trick today, share it with your friends or if you have any query then you can comment below.


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