How to Use Google Calendar on your iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you probably store and organize almost everything in your life on that one indispensable gadget: favorite music selections, photos, work and personal documents, videos, and more. You surf the web with it, use it to help you get around, and of course, its basic use as a phone – the uses are endless. For those with the latest model, Siri might even be a kind of helpful friend or assistant.

google calender iphone

With the complete integration of the iPhone into our lives, it’s only natural that one of its most important uses is time management. The calendar helps keep our hyper-paced, jam-packed days in proper order, helping our lives run smoothly. While the iPhone is shipped with a perfectly serviceable calendar, some people would rather use other time management methods, especially those that integrate with programs with which they are already familiar.

One of the most popular web-based suites of applications that includes an excellent calendar is Google. The Google Calendar can be synced with any number of mobile and PC systems, such as Microsoft Outlook and iOS, the operating system on the iPhone. If you want to use your Google Calendar on your iPhone, there are several simple ways to do it.

There’s an App for That

It’s become a cliché now, but there may literally be an iPhone application for almost any task you wish to perform, and using Google Calendar on your iPhone is no exception. There are a number of applications available, from the simple to the sophisticated, at various price ranges, that you can use to sync your Google Calendar to your iPhone Calendar, or even use Google Calendar instead of the default program.

There are dozens of iPhone calendar apps that are compatible with or designed directly for use with Google Calendar. Many can integrate Google Tasks as well. A simple search at the Apple App Store or on Google will provide a list that presents a host of options.

Using Google Sync or CalDAV Calendar Sync

While apps generally offer more bells and whistles for your tasks and scheduling, you don’t necessarily need a separate app to use Google calendar on your default iPhone program. By syncing your information between your iPhone and your Google account, you’ll be able to access your schedule anywhere, and have an up to date backup in case you have an issue with your computer or mobile phone. These also apply to your iPad, so you can have the same calendar information on all three devices whenever and wherever you need it.

Unfortunately, direct syncing through Google is only available for iOS 3.0 or above. You can check to see which version your iPhone is running by looking at Settings > General > About > Version. Before you set up Sync or CalDAV, both recommend that you update to the latest version at

  • Google Sync – Google provides instructions and notes about troubleshooting should you run into difficulties at If you are using a network schedule, such as a corporate or school calendar, this section provides instructions for how to deal with communicating with your network administrator if you are allowed to choose your own calendar software.
  • CalDAV Calendar Sync – CalDAV and Google Sync can be used at the same time, but unlike Google Sync, CalDAV can be set up to manage multiple Google accounts. Google provides simple, step-by-step instructions at

If you’ve gotten used to utilizing Google for pretty much everything data-wise, you don’t have to give it up or switch back and forth with your mobile and computer schedules. Using some of the above ideas, you can integrate your calendars and only need to enter your information once to make sure you have easy access to what you need to keep your days moving effectively.

Karim Toohalik writes for Brainloop, a company specializing in creating a highly secure workspace through secure online document sharing, information rights management, and other data protection services using the highly secure Brainloop dataroom environment making it easy to sharing documents with Brainloop.

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