See top 20 events of your social life on facebook

So end of this year is near and so ends the year that saw the booming of social networking. This year saw the potential of social networking from politics to anti-terrorist. Lot of online trends came and went , thus remains engraved in history of social networking in 2012.facebook trend

But leaving all trends behind we want something special , something that reminds us of this 2012, a collection on our top events in online social life . Therefore to give everyone a chance to see their own trends , their impact on social life and how they have influenced their own friends , Facebook as launched a totally awesome service that will enable you to see your 20 biggest moments on Facebook this year. Events will be based upon likes, comments ,shares and other popularity measures. You events will be shown on a different page with even an option to share you life online with your friends. This feature is available for all Facebook user and to know how to see your top events follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. On right column of your time line their will be an option to check your biggest 20 moments on Facebook this year. Click on it.
    facebook year in  review button
  4. Let Facebook create and generate your top trends.
  5. Now you have your own album-type-page to see your online life on year 2012 .
  6. Share the page with your friends and see their.

This options also tells you that how many friends you added this year and how many pages you liked.
Keep enjoying , be social.

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