Edit any file through notepad by right click

Notepad is one of the most popular text editor, used immensely by website builder and programmers. Due to its simplicity and less loading time , it is the best choice for a quick note. But its capability are not limited to it.

By notepad, you can any develop anything from a program to a fully functional site. It is also a basic tool used by hackers. You can easily create devastating viruses with notepad, I had listed method to create few of your own virus here.

Notepad is most used for creating HTML sites. There are few WYSIWYG editor but I personally don’t enjoy them much.By default any .html or .html file opens with browsers. You can always change the default program to notepad but for previewing you will need to do a bit more than double clicking.
In this tutorial I will tell to how to add a Notepad edit command on your right-click to quickly edit and file of your choice in Notepad. There is simple registry trick and you can easily do it by your own or you can anyway download this simple file that will do all your work from here.
And here is the way to do it manually:

  1. Open start then run. Their type regedit.
  2. Now you will see many categories tree .
  3. Browse to following location->
    regedit image
  4. There create a new key under shell by Right Click>New>Key. Name it notepad.
    new key in regedit
  5. Now double-click on default value a change its value to Edit in Notepad (or whatever you want) . Click OK.
    change default value
  6. Now create a new key named Command. Change its default value to C:WindowsSystem32Notepad.exe %1 .(change the extension of drive to whichever is your primary drive)
    edit string
  7. Click OK and press F5.
  8. You are done.
    notepad on right click

Your registry editing work is done here. If you faced any problem download this file for automatic editing.

Now whenever you want to edit any file just right-click on it and select Edit with Notepad.

If you have queries or any other registry trick please feel free to share it below.E9PFHC2SNMNU

Thank You

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