Play Gears of War online Free

100% Working

To play Gears of War online you need to buy a license version of game or read on this post. This post will teach you to play this game online totally free and 100% working…

The steps are:-

To download required software and game

  1. First you need the torrent software.You can download it from here ( if you already have it then no need to bother)
  2. Now you need to download the game Gears Of War.
    7+ GB :- ( again if you have it then don’t download)
  3. Now you need the CD key that you can get from my older post herepower iso
  4. After the game is downloaded, mount the image by using the software Poweriso .
  5. How to mount(if u don’t know)
  6. Install the game.

 After Fresh GEARS OF WAR installation :-

  1. Install patch 1.2
    LINK :-
  2. Then patch 1.3
    LINK :-
  3. Then copy crack to where u have installed (Gears of war > binaries)
    Default location :- (C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesGears of WarBinaries)
    LINK :-
    Paste the crack file in the binaries folder.(according to your location)
  4. Now uninstall old “Microsoft Games for windows live redistributable” from control panel which is installed during game installation.
  5. If you don’t do this, new version of live will give you Error during sign-in.
  6. Then need to install New Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVE
    LINK :-
  7. Make a live account on
  8. After all these you need to run the game from (gears of war/binaries/ start startup)
    Default location = C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesGears of WarBinariesstartup)
  9. Press HOME Button from your keyboard and sign in and it will ask for email address and password.
  10. After this it will ask for the CD key and you need to enter the CD key which you got from the my other post.
  11. It will download the profile.

And YOU ARE Done

Note: The same CD key can be use in the games listed in my other post.

The CD key have a limit of use.  Eg :- 10 games = 10 times used and same for account.

For More Help Ask Freely in the comments.

Thank You

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