Recycle Bin for external usb drive (files deleted will go to drive's recycle bin)

recycle bin

When we don’t need a file or folder we just delete it and that file or folder goes recycle bin but that only implies when you delete something from PC drives but when you delete something from usb drive ( on purpose or by mistake) it goes permanently away.

Would not it be good that we have a software that saves all deleted file from a usb drive in a recycle bin that itself is present in that particular drive.

iBin is a free utility that manages the files deleted from your USB drives. So, in other words, it can be stated as a portable recycle bin for your USB drives. This tool will ask you to confirm the delete operation whenever you try to delete any file from the USB drive.

Download iBin and unzip the pack on your USB drive. All you need to do is, run the app as you start using your USB drive. You will find a system tray icon as soon as it starts working. For every deletion attempt on USB drive files you will be prompted with a window shown below.

If you want to restore a deleted file just double-click the tray-bar icon of the app and the iBin Dumping Management window opens. You can select a deleted file and press the Recycle Data Selected button to restore that item.

It will not work with [shift+delete].

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