The Unknown Word Editor

Windows have many not-much-know stuff and programs pre-installed in their operating system.One such is a basic word editor.

In any Windows Os you will get notepad and Wordpad for your typing need and they are good enough. You can even but MS Office for more features in a test editor. But there is also a secret text editor in Windows that is not so famous , yeah but useful.

This editor only support one text font and size , so no customization. Yeah, you can anyway change the colour of your text . This editor is useful when you need to edit any text file quickly while in command prompt, or its only a boast in front of friends. Opening this editor is really simple and steps are given below.

  1. Open command prompt by Start>Run>Cmd
    cmd by run
  2. Now just type edit on first line and press enter. edit command
  3. Your text editor will open up.
    worst editor
  4. Or if you want to directly edit any text file then browse to the folder where file is kept and type edit followed by name of file like edit trial.txt
  5. Now you can edit the file and save it quickly.

This is a good editor if you want to do some code work but not recommended for any writing task.

Thank You

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