Show your name instead of AM or PM in task bar

In this post will show you how to enter your custom text after time instead of AM or PM in task bar .

This trick is just for fun and it don’t help you to do anything else except boasting yourself in front of your friends.

In task bar , at the extreme right side you can notice current time and AM or Pm after it. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your name instead of am or pm. Very small trick can do this for you. This trick is only for windows XP.

  1. Click start control Panel
    Run – type “control panel”
  2. In the classic view select “Regional and Language Options”
    cp regional
  3. Select regional options tab.
  4. Under standards and formats click Customize.
  5. In new dialog box select time tab.
  6. Now in place of AM symbol and PM symbol write your own name or any thing else.
    am or pm
  7. Click Ok and exit. But even after this you don’t get your name after time then continue reading below.
  8. Now double-click on time.
  9. Below the analog clock where the time is show digitally click am or pm(which ever is shown) and click bottom or up arrow to get your name there.
  10. Click Ok and You are done.
    work done

Thank You

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