Create your own registry file ( quick tutorial )

Almost every things in your computer can be modified by Registry Editor.I is very simple to start but a complicate matter to handle. I can make your PC or ruin it. Many new users , without having any knowledge start playing with registry editor and eventually damage their computer. So whenever you open regedit.exe please make a backup.

There are numerous registry tricks available on net and few on my site. You can follow the steps on web to modify registries or simply download a .reg file. In this tutorial I will tech you how to make a .reg file to distribute your own registry trick among friends and people. So to make a .reg files follow these steps below.

  1. Open Registry Editor by Start>Run>regedit.exe
  2. Now browse to the categories or key you want  your .reg file to insert on others computer. In this example I want to export notepad key and all other sub-keys under it.
    .reg trick
  3. Then after you have selected the key or category , just click File>Export.
  4. New dialog box will open , here you can name your file and select location to save your .reg file.
    .reg save
  5. Click OK and your file is ready.
    reg icon
  6. Now whenever someone double-click on your .reg file , that key will be automatically stored in his/her computer.

Remember to back up your registry file before making any change in it.
If you have any other .reg trick then please share here.

Thank You

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