2 Tips to Use Facebook for Marketing Your Blog or Webpage

Facebook is the way the world chooses to interact and do business in the twenty-first century and it is time that you catch on to the trend too. But, exactly what new thing can you extract out of using Facebook that your competitor is already not exploiting or knows about? In case you have been thinking that you know Facebook like the back of your hand, the time is here to rethink about that claim. Here are 2 relatively lesser known marketing tips that Facebook has on offer that you may not know about:

  1. Use Insights For Your Webpage
    If you have ever owned or moderated a Facebook page (for your blog or for any other purpose) you know what the ‘Insight’ is and the powers it has. The ‘Insight’ not only provides you with valuable metric information about the trends and popularity of your page but also gives you dynamic graphs for tracking progress and other demographics of your page. What if you could use this amazing feature to track the popularity and trend that your webpage is displaying? For example, use ‘Insights’ to find out about how many people are mentioning your blog in their posts and comments?fb insights
    You can easily set up the ‘Insights’ tool to monitor your webpage or blog and enjoy the insightful graphs and trends regarding your website. Just browse over to the ‘Insights’ section of your account, and add your webpage to the list where your owned pages are listed.
  2. Comment Using Facebook
    The next time you are posting a comment or a product review on a website or blog, use the ‘Log in with Facebook’ option for the purpose. This way you will not only be commenting on the blog in its own domain, but the fact that you logged in with Facebook for posting the comment, will mean that it will turn up in the news feed on your Facebook wall.
    This way, a number of friends of yours can witness that you have commented on a certain blog and use this post to share their views about the certain blog or webpage. Thus, the blog, which has actually one follower (hypothetically), ends up popularizing itself to friends and family members you have on Facebook and gain traffic in the process. This is why Submit Comfort’s social SEO experts suggest using the Facebook (and other social media) plug-in for your blogs and websites.

You can use these features of Facebook and other lesser known ones like ‘Facepile’ and local business listings in order to popularize your webpage using Facebook.

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