Use your Gmail id with Windows Messenger

Windows Messenger is one of the most annoying thing I find in XP. I never used it as there are many other better messenger available around the net. I always wanted to remove this small annoying program that just take my valuable start-up memory. Here is my post that how to permanently delete
Windows messenger. But before clicking on above link , I want to share a quick trick with you all by which you can use your Gmail or any mail id with Windows Messenger. In truth Windows Messenger have the many type of options but they are not usually found by new users but in new type of messenger these features are easy to find and use..This trick is really useful if you don’t want to install any other messenger and stick to Windows Messenger.

  1. First of all you need to register yourself at Windows Live ID with your current Gmail , yahoo or any email-id. So please go to Windows Live ID and start your registering process. If you have already registered then click here to go to step ?.
  2. After opening that link , select the first option i.e. Yes, use my email address. And click continue.
    windows live id
  3. In the nest page fill up all the details asked (you must have done that many times).After filling all required blanks click Continue.
    live id form
  4. On the next page again fill your email address that you gave in previous page. This is only for accepting terms and conditions ( Oh! so what they are?). Then click I Accept.
    i accept live id term
  5. So your registration is complete and one last time click continue.Now you need to open your email account.
  6. Open up the mail you recently received from The Windows Live Team. Then click on the link under Click this link to confirm your account.
    confirmation link
  7. You will be one this page if every thing is correct. Now you are ready to login in Windows Messenger using any other email id.
  8. Now you just need to open Windows messenger and click Click Here to Sign In.
    singing in windows messenger
  9. You may be prompted for entering a display name or your nick name. Enter it and click Ok.
    display name enter
  10. You are ready to use Windows Messenger with your own id.
    windows messenger

Thank You

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