Rename extensions of many files in just one click

It had happened with me many time’s that I download an album , loads of tutorials and many other things that have 50-200 files in a folder. Sometimes even more than that.
As soon the download finishes, I find out that all the files are in different extension than what are they designed for. For e.g. I wanted to play some old video games . So I downloaded them from torrent. After downloading , I found that all their extensions were .exe but they must be in .nes to work. There were 150 games and I was in condition to rename them all one by one.
So to get rid of this problem I used a trick that I learned long back and bang! all the files worked smoothly..exe rename
So today, I will discuss that trick with you. It will show you how to rename the extension of many files together and in one click.
For this trick you will need to create a .bat file (Batch File) by notepad. So here we go:-
  1. Open notepad
  2. Their type:
    ren *.file extension already their *.file extension you want their

    In my case
    ren *.exe *.nes.bat file

  3. Save file as anything.bat , remember extension must be .bat
    saving .bat file
  4. The file must be saved in the folder where the files whose extensions are to be renamed are present.
  5. Double click on file and you are done.
This small trick can really save your big time. So next time whenever you are in such situation just follow above steps and relax.
.nes extension
If you also have some more .bat trick then please share them below or mail me at [email protected]// .
Thank You

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