Quick Tip: Activate your screen saver instantly

Forget automatic activation of screen savers. No you activate your screen saver instantly in one click. This is the first quick tip of this and will be followed by many other so enjoy.

To start screen saver in one click follow these steps:

  • Open search windows by going to Start>Search
  • There click on All files and folders in sidebar.
  • Now type *.scr in text field and press enter. Wait for search to complete.
  • You will see many files ending with .scr , select the file that matches the name of your screen saver.
    Or to view screen saver at that time, just double-click on it.
  • Copy your favorite screen saver and paste it on your desktop.
  • Then now whenever you want to activate your screen saver instantly , just double-click on that .scr file
  • You can again to come back to normal desktop by just moving you mouse a bit i.e. traditional way.

So , here ends this quick tip . Hope that you likes this new category. Please leave your thoughts in comment box and share any tip you have.

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