Get all paid android apps for free using 4shared

android moneyThere are tons of apps for android and most of them free. You can never get bored with an android device in your hand. As most of the apps are free , so you can install them with no cost. But free apps have few major backdrops like limited features,poor quality and tons of crap ads. These all makes the experience of using apps a bit dull. Then, here comes the paid apps , they often have best quality and are ads free , so perfect use of app. But major problem of paid apps is that they cost money! Often most of the people don’t want to spend money on apps so they don’t but paid apps but they don’t know that almost every paid app can be installed for free using a simple free app called 4shared. Follow the below to get all paid android apps for free:

Paid apps for free

  1. Install 4shared app from Google Play Store.4shared app
  2. Now create an account to use 4shared or if you already have it then just simply login.4shared login
  3. If you want to upload something then you can use 4shared but here we just need to download paid apps.
  4. To search for app, click on menu button ( the left one) and type the name of the app
  5. After you get the result click on the desired .apk file and after it open click on android icon to start download.apk file
  6. Don’t press back button as download will be stopped instead press the home button (middle one) to use other app.
  7. When the file will be downloaded , you can install the app but you need to allow the check the option in settings that allow the installation of 3rd party app.
  8. After the installation, enjoy the paid app for free.

If you are not getting desired then you can try advance search that will only search for files that are android application.

Every thing is free in these steps.

11 thoughts on “Get all paid android apps for free using 4shared

  1. I downloaded some apps. but it wont install. it asks to download an app and i downloaded it but install button wouldnt work…

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