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Google’s new online storage device, Google Drive, lets you to create a virtual hard drive on web to store all  your PC stuff in the 5gb available space. It also integrates with other services provided by Google such as  Google docs, We-video  etc so that you can even edit your files online. Additional space can be bought for  $2.5  per month for 25 gb.

google drive

Still Google drive is not tha latest and last option for online drives.  Many other services offer you cloud  computing and all largely used around. Here I am listing  the best option for online storage:

The most popular one clod storage and available in all major platforms from Windows , Mac ,Linux  to IOS ,  Android and Blackberry. To start sharing just install it on your PC and a folder will be created. Put all the files  you want to share in that folder and that will be automatically uploaded and sync.dropbox original logo
One drawback it that we can’t edit the files live in browser and instead we need to download the file , work  on it  and again upload it. Wast to precious time and bandwidth.
You initially get 2gb space free and if you refer a friend you get 200 mb more ( 16gb limit). Additional space  can be bought by putting $9.99 per month for 50 gb.

If you want to share and store, then this option is best. This cloud computing was created to make sharing  easy of your stored item.  Let me explain, when you have uploaded bulk of files, music, images, etc on your  account and  want to share only few of them with your friend. In other situation you would need to get link  to every file and then tell them to your friend but in you get only one link for all files that you want  to share. You can customize the link to make it easy to remember.
You get 10 gb of space in which max. 2gb of file can be uploaded. Sadly, if you ever get storage of space  then you can’t buy more but if your referrals will get you extra 1gb .

The best option if you want share and storage space exclusively for images and videos. It comes with lot of  advantages and one main disadvantage. You only need a google account ( you must have it) for using  picassa.
You can also download picassa to your computer which comes with a cool photo viewer , manager and  editor. I also sync your pc videos and images with your online picassa account.
It have unlimited storage space (really!! Google is great) but with only one term that all images will be resized to 3 mega-pixel  and videos must not exceed 15 minutes time.
Sharing is also very  easy and you can share images and videos , individually or in album.
If you want any alternative for images and videos sharing then you can try

Yes , the most popular email service provider is also one of the best cloud computing provider. If you have  Gmail account then intentionally or unintentionally you must have few items stored on Gmail.
It works like this , whenever you attach any file in your email , it is stores in the google’s hard drive. Wether you  send it or save it in draft you can easily retrieve your files.  For better usage , give appropriate subject to your  mail where you are attaching your file. Gmail search is well enough to search it for you whenever you need  it. It comes with 10 gb space , so start attaching and sharing.
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