Best android apps to download free music

android headphonesGet hand on lasted music is very easy and fast as it was never before. But searching and downloading music on mobile is very boring and time taking task. So to make your work easier there many apps on the play store that not only search and download the latest songs for free but they also enable you to share and crop your songs.

I am made a list of all working and good apps that download you free music and these all apps are free .So here are the best android apps to download free music: (all of these apps are very small but helpful)

  1. A fast loading app , with precise results and information. Songs downloads are quick and you can also preview the song before downloading. Options to share among your friends. But some time their server is down which stops us to search new songs. But good overall.
  2. Mp3 Search & Download PRO: Mp3 Search & Download PRO Another good app to download tons of music but lack on many fronts. First of all you can start the download immediately , you have to wait for certain time that keeps on increasing by the number of downloads . You need to click on advertisement to start download immediately. Also the search need to be more redefined and good results must be shown. They should include more websites in their search.
  3. gTunes Music Downloads:
    Options-packed app but lack for the thing it is made. It shows very wrong results if searching for not so famous songs and also don’t show the download status on notification bar that make hard to keep track on download status of our songs. But it also have come very cool features like – top charts of different nations, ringtone maker and inbuilt player . It is free but comes with ads. You can also change the artist and album name before the download start.


  4. Music download:
    Very basic app that don’t have many options. It sometimes downloads and sometimes don’t. Almost 1/4th of downloads hang after certain period of time. But still it is a fast and needful app. It also gives options to download lyrics if available. If in any case this program is stopped and all downloads will also be stopped and you need to do everything again.

These all apps above are very helpful to downloads latest or classic songs. However it is not good to download illegal music’s but sometimes the owner’s price them to high. Also these app will come with lot of ads ( except the first one , which I recommend to you). This list will be updates as soon as worthy app will be found.

If you have any app to share or add in this list then please comment below and let me know. Till then happy downloading.

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