Verify your blog with Alexa, being the most famous free blogging provider lack of certain basic feature.alexa icon One of them is having no clear option to verify your blog with Internet Rank Provider “Alexa”. However it is not necessary to verify your blog with Alexa as when your traffic starts coming with Alexa toolbar on their browser then eventually your blog will be automatically listed but it requires some traffic. So to get your blog listed soon you need to verify your site with Alexa. This post is tells you how to verify your blog with Alexa. But first of all you need to create an account in Alexa. After that you need to submit your site in Alexa and they will give you an easy way to verify your site. I will discuss it here:

By META Tag Method : recommended method

  1. Obtain the verification id from Alexa. They give this instantly after you enter the name of your site. It will look like this.
    alexa meta tag
  2. Now you just need to only copy the verification id not the full html code.
    alexa id
  3. After doing that , you need to go to your blog dashboard.
  4. Now there you need to click on Tools->Available Tools
    tools wordpress
  5. On that page you will see the area to enter the META tags of Google and bing webmaster.
    verification place
  6. Their you need to paste your alexa code in the Google webmaster code area. As shown is picture.
    alexa in wordpress
  7. Click on save button and now go back to alexa verification page.
  8. There click on verify my site with meta tags.
    Verify site
  9. Bingo! You site is now listed in alexa.
    bingo alexa

I hope that this tutorial will help you to add your blog in alexa. After adding your site just wait for visitors to come ( with alexa toolbar installed) and you to install alexa tool bar to increase your rank.

Thank You

2 thoughts on “Verify your blog with Alexa

  1. Shlok, this post was very very useful to me! I’ve been looking for a way to claim my blog and just couldn’t seem to get it done. Now, thanks to your post, I’ve done it.

    And you’re only 15? Unbelievable!

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