One Plug-in to Verify all services

Analyzing and tracking your site and its performance helps you a lot manage and publicize your site. There are many services available all around the net for visitor tracking, SEO performance and ranking. However to use these services on your site , you need to verify your site with them. Verification can be done by many types but the most quick and common way is to verifying site with meta tag or verification id. These are special code that verifies your site and send analytics information to respective services.

But verifying using meta tags can be very confusing and tedious task , especially for new users how don’t have much knowledge of HTML. So, for aiding you to verifying your site with analytics and tracking services there is a very useful plug-in available in word press “All In One Webmaster Verification”. You can download this plug-in from here.This free plug-in helps you to verify you site with many famous online services and if your service is not listed then you can simply copy and paste you code in HTML code area.

Simply after uploading and installing your plug-in , activate it. After activating it you can visit this plug-in control area by Settings>All In One Webmasters .wordpress settings

There you can see all the services you can use this plug-in with ( don’t worry if you service is not listed then also you can verify it by adding given code in header or footer code area).
options of all in one webmaster

In boxes where services are already defined , you don’t need to enter the whole snippet , just copy and paste the special code , that will be highlighted in red color below each box .
highlighted code

Or, if your service is not given then don’t worry , just copy the whole html code and paste it in either header or footer area. ( show in image).
html and footer code

This plugin can also be used for automatic submission of your site map to Google, Bing ,Yahoo and
sitemap submission

This plug-in is very useful for people who don’t have any experience with HTML or who don’t want to play with it. By this plug-in you can easily and neatly verify your site with analytics and webmasters.

Thank You

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