How to Find Relevant and Quality Search Results on Google

So you keep searching and searching on Google but the results you were hoping for just aren’t coming…the blank white box is staring you in the face as your cursor key blinks over and over again waiting for your next move.

Rather than type one or two words into the box and hope for the best, why not try some of these tips and tricks to help you dig a little deeper.

  • Don’t Stick to the First Page
    google pages scroller
    Google returns billions of results with every search so when you stick to the first page you’re barely even scratching the surface of what information is available to you. Team this tactic up with the ones to follow and you can narrow your search results down to thousands or even hundreds of results, making it easier and quicker to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Use Quotesquotes icon
    If you want to find an exact match then quotation marks is the only way to go about it. Whether it is a single word or an entire phrase put it inside quotes and Google will search for the word or phrase in its entirety rather than as separate words. To fine tune your search even more, you can still add other words into the mix outside the quotes.
    Example:How to make money with apps’ will produce results that are directly related to that specific phrase.
  • Use ‘OR’"or" logoTo search for one or more interchangeable words use ‘OR’. This way you don’t have to complete multiple searches for the same topic or sub topic. Simply place ‘OR’ (in capitals) between the sub topics etc… and away you go.
  • Filter Search by Time

    To the left hand side of your search you will find the text ‘More Search Tools’. Click this and new options will appear letting you search and filter results from the past year, month, day, or even hour. If you want to be super specific you can search via a selected date range.
  • Use Google News, Scholar, and Booksgoogle apps
    Don’t be afraid to branch out and explore the other search services that Google offers, including News, Scholar, and Books. These searches can produce entirely different results and they are especially relevant to those conducting academic research.
  1. Google Books – If you’re after a quote that will blow people away then try searching Google Books to discover some great content.
  2. Google Scholar – This tool is great for scholarly papers allowing you to search within whatever time frame you select.
  3. Google News – To find out about all the current events thenGoogle News is the place to start looking. Plus you can set up email alerts to keep you constantly in the know.

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