How to Attach exe file in mails?

In hurry to send a setup or executable file over email to your friends, you quickly attach your .exe file to mail and try to send it, but wait what it is??? An error .

Yes many popular mail client like Gmail,Yahoo,etc don’t allow you to send such executable file over email. May be for security reasons( as they state) or any other but there are several ways by which you can send such files. Most common and successful are listed below.

  1. Make a ZIP archive of EXE file :
    Right click on EXE file, then click on Send To > Compressed ZIP send to compressfolder option to make ZIP archive file containing EXE file. You can upload created ZIP file as attachment and send via email. Web-based email providers can scan contents of ZIP files and might disallow uploading and sending of such files. After creating the ZIP rename its extension from .zip to .any name .You can see any files extension by going to Control Panel > Folder Option > View Tab > Unmark Hide extensions for know file types .
  2. Make a RAR archive of EXE file:rar file If you get error in attaching ZIP file containing EXE file, you can try alternative archive compression format of RAR. You will need WinRAR software to pack EXE file into RAR archive file. If RAR file is not accepted as attachment, try renaming trick like .rar to .exe
  3. Make a Word Document with EXE file:
    You can also insert your exe file in a word document. To do so please follow these steps-

    1. – Go to File > New document
    2. – Click Insert > Object
    3. – In Object window, click browse & select EXE file
    4. – Click File > Save As > Ok

    Now you can send this document to your friend and that person can access the file by double clicking on the object (which will be probably the name of the file).

  4. Change the file extension:change extension You can see the file extension by the method stated above. Now you have to rename the file extension by and other name e.g. from .exe to .cartoon or .file or .anything.
    After you attach and mail it please send the instruction to receiver steps to change the file extension back to .exe i.e. vice-versa of what I taught.
  5. Upload your file in any file hosting site:upload
    For this create an account in any file hosting site like Rapidshare (recommended). Here you can upload any type of file to a limited size (in free account). The site will provide you with a URL to that file.Now, you can mail that URL to the receiver and that person can download the file easily.


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