Create a folder named “Con”

You must have come across many post telling you that folder name con can’t be created in Microsoft. The reason as given by many other website is:

In MS-DOS, several special “device files” were available to aid in performing certain tasks, such as clearing the screen or deleting extraneous output from a program. In order to maintain backwards-compatibility, all versions of Windows up to and including Windows Vista will refuse to allow you to create a file with these “reserved” device file names.

Actually this explanation is pretty correct but there are few way by which you can bypass the restriction to create a folder name con. Here are few method you can use to boast in front of your friend. So just follow the steps below and watch.

  • Create it by command prompt
    1. Open Run -> type “cmd” click ok.
    2. Type there
      mkdir \.e:con
      If you want to make a folder in any other place the replace e: by the path of that folder or drive
      con in cmd
    3. You can’t delete the folder the normal method. To delete it please in type in command prompt
      rmdir \.e:con
      delete con in cmd
  • Create it by pressing Alt +255
    1. To do this , create a new folder and then press F2
    2. Now you can rename the folder. Type con and then press Alt+ 255 (only by number pad)
      con folder
    3. This folder can be deleted normally.

How simply it was to create folder name con. By this method you can also create folder with other reserve words like:

  • PRN
  • AUX
  • NUL
  • COM1
  • COM2
  • COM3
  • COM4
  • COM5
  • COM6
  • COM7
  • COM8
  • COM9
  • LPT1
  • LPT2
  • LPT3
  • LPT4
  • LPT5
  • LPT6
  • LPT7
  • LPT8
  • LPT9
Now you know every thing have a loop-hole .

Thank You

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