How to Get More Instagram Followers

instagram followers

Instagram is the trendy photo-sharing application that millions are currently enthusiastic about. Since its release in 2010, its users have expanded to 80 million – and the numbers are still growing.

Part of Instagram’s appeal is in having an instant audience to share your photos with – users all aspire to build an adequate following. Below are a few basic tips to get more instagram followers.

  1. Make an effort to post quality photos:
    As with most sites and social media networks, you have to upload good content if you want more followers. Users tend to follow others who consistently upload visually appealing, eye-catching images, so be sure to put a little creativity into each composition. Forget about snapping random pictures of trite, commonplace things; instead, capture interesting subjects and frame them deliberately.Don’t bother uploading every single photo you took during the day, but choose only the best, most stunning ones. You would want to have a consistent stream of good images so you could build a good online reputation as someone who takes good photos. This consistency will attract more fans. It’s also so people won’t stumble into your bad photos and think you aren’t worth following.It would also be good idea to pace yourself – don’t flood your followers all at once, but post regularly. This will whet their interest just enough to want more each day.
  2. Interact with other users by remarking on their photos:
    While on Instagram, you might as well be sociable. Make an effort to like other people’s photos and leave pleasant comments. Don’t be shy – try to build your network by showing interest. This not only helps to make new friends, but it also encourages people to take a look at your photos. If they find you agreeable and they like your photographs, there’s a good chance they’ll follow you.Make to leave comments that are meaningful, sincere and polite. Comment on the shots you truly find likable, and don’t attempt to flatter those you don’t. Go beyond the usual “Nice shot”, and say something interesting about why their image caught your attention. Don’t waste your time on negative criticism.
  3. Follow other users:
    As a general rule, you have to follow other users if you want to be followed too. Even if you don’t know each other personally, following another person makes him curious about you and he would want to check your profile. There’s some free self-advertising right there.
    But you don’t want to flood yourself with other people’s crappy photos, so be selective about those you follow. Take a look at their profiles first, and follow those whose pictures you find enjoyable. A good place to find excellent photographers is the Popular feed.
  4. Use popular hashtags:
    hash tags logoHash tags are useful for labelling and categorizing images, and it also helps lead other users to view your photo. It would benefit you to identify the hottest tags at the moment and attach them accordingly. If you are able to take advantage of popular, relevant hashtags, you can drive more traffic to your photographs.
    Use only the correct, appropriate tags – don’t use #sunset for a photo of your sneakers just because #sunset is a popular hashtag – or else people may consider your content spammy.
  5. Classify your photos by Geo-tagging:geotagging
    Geo-tagging identifies your photo with the location they were taken. Each location is allotted a page on Instagram, featuring a map and other photos taken in that spot. Geo-tagging a photo allows it to be seen by users who also took photos in that location; it also gets them curious about another person who was in the same place as they were. In effect, it invites those users to take a look at your profile, and there may be a good chance they will follow you.
  6. Apply tried-and-tested techniques:
    You can take advantage of the available Instagram resources. One such resource is the Popular feed – you can go through it to have an idea of the kind of photos that people find enjoyable. Some of the most well-loved subjects are attractive portraits, cleverly framed skylines or landscapes, pets and sunsets. You can get a general sense of what appeals to more users and try to get some inspiration. However, by no means should you duplicate another person’s work. You may try to create a similar (not identical) effect, but be sure to come up your own unique composition.

You can also try third-party Instagram viewers such as Webstagram or Statigram, which can help you keep tabs on your popular images or determine the current popular hashtags. If you take time to get to know the trends, you can maximize that information by composing your future photos more intentionally.

Steve writes for Cheap Instagram Followers – a website designed to help boost your Instagram Profile.

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