5 Little Known Tips and Tricks for Your Android Phone

Smart phones are an essential piece of technology for most people, but they may not realize the full power of this technology. If you have an Android phone, here are a few tips and tricks for your android phones you may not know you can do:

  • Add bookmarks to your phone:-android bookmark
    If you visit a certain website frequently, you can save time by making a direct link to it from your phone’s home screen. To do this, just visit the site in the browser and create a bookmark. From there, go to the Bookmark Manager and hold down the bookmark you wish to put on your home screen. A window will pop up; from this menu, select Add Shortcut To Home. Now the link can be accessed with a single touch from your home screen.
  • Use voice activation:-
    voice controlYou can send text messages and emails, make calls, and listen to music and more without tying up your hands. This is especially helpful when you’re driving or walking and can’t look down at the phone. Just hold down the Search button, which displays as a magnifying glass, and speak your command into the phone.
  • Organize your home page:-
    You can change which icons and apps display on your home page, so you can keep it as cluttered or bare as you like. Even better, you can organize multiple different pages and move between them with a single swipe. To add an app to the home page, just go into the app screen and long-press the icon you wish to move to your screen. You can drag them to the side of the page to move them onto the next home screen. This allows you to set up screens with different apps for personal or work use, and it’s something that is unavailable to iPhone users.
  • Setup forms with auto-fill:-autofill
    Instead of typing information every time you sign up for something online, you can set up your phone’s browser to fill the fields in automatically. From the browser settings, select General Settings, then enable Form Auto-fill.
  • Surf the web without a data plan:-
    As long as you’re somewhere with Wi-Fi access, you can connect to the Internet and browse on your phone. This can save you some money if you primarily use your phone at home or a Wi-Fi-enabled office; instead of paying for a data plan, you can just surf the web for free.

Of course, not all of these tricks will work with every Android device, so you may need to experiment a little to get the results you want. Nevertheless, most of these tricks should work on most devices, and harnessing the full power of your Android can help you get the most out of your phone.

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