Java code to edit any website live in your browser

How easy is it to edit any webpage on any website in your browser and create fake screenshots? Very simple and easy. Paste a simple code into the location bar and you can actually edit any page on any site in real-time. Though this sounds like fun, it can be quit misleading. The picture below shows how you can show your ad-sense earning as much as you like:
fake ad sense earning


Here is the magic code spreading across the web which can edit any webpage

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Simply copy and paste it into the location bar of your web browser when you are on any page and you can now edit it. Though this is a cool tool to have some fun, it is dangerous tool used by HACKERS to create fake screenshots and websites resembling the original to misinterpret facts and for phishing attempts. So you need to be alert on the web and not believe everything you see…

You now know how easy it is to modify web content and even a kid could do it. Beware of what you see online… it could not be true!

Note-Please try this on older version of browser.I tried on Firefox 9 but it didn’t worker but when entered in IE 6 it worked without any hitches.

And after you refresh the browser all the setting will be gone with the sir:-). So please be careful with F5.

Thank You

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