Change background and foreground color of Command prompt

Windows command prompt which in-fact is the most useful tool pre-installed in Windows , by default only shows you two colors black and white.

Many people get bored with them and want some change in the theme to command prompt. So , command prompt have a cool command to change the background and foreground color of it. So here are steps to do so:

  1. Open command prompt by Start>Run>cmd
  2. Now their type color z
    color z command
  3. You will now get list of all color available and their code (attribute) to use then. They are as follows:
    Color Name Color Attribute or Code
    Black 0
    Blue 1
    Green 2
    Aqua 3
    Red 4
    Purple 5
    Yellow 6
    White 7
    Grey 8
    Light Blue 9
    Light Green A
    Light Aqua B
    Light Red C
    Light Purple D
    Light Yellow E
    Light White F
  4. Now select your background color & foreground color and type their code like this:
    color 3D if your background color code is 3 & foreground color code is D. This will give light purple on aqua.
    The required output will be:
    color z
  5. Also if you just want to change the text color i.e. foreground color then only type the code to selected color after color like if i want to have light blue text then i will type color 9. Here it is how it looks:
    color z command

So , now you are free you choose your combination of colors and customize the command prompt as you want.
Also is you want to reset to the default black and white then you just need to type color.
color z

Thank You

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