Add read more link to text copied from your site – Using Tynt Publishers

tynt logoPlagiarism in today’s world is the worst enemy of any webmaster. Any one can copy text from your websites and paste it on their own without giving you actual credit. However this will only reduce their SEO but still general viewers can also think that you have copied from that site if your website is not famous. First option that come in mind that we should block anyone from copying text or images from our site using plug-in like “WP-CopyProtect” but this is not advisable as the users will also not be able to copy any link or code given on our site. So to over come this problem you can use a service by Tynt Publishers named SpeedShare, that automatically add read more link to text copied from your site.

Tynt will also track your site visits by these URLs so that you actually know how much useful are these. They do it so by adding a unique code after the URL of linked page like

This helps in 2 ways, first that the credit of content will go to the original site and second is that you will get many one way back links. You will also get traffic from the blog that had copied the content from your site.

How to activate SpeedShare from Tynt:

  1. Sign-up at Fill the url of site you are going to use this service. tnyt sign up
  2. Now Tynt will give you your java code to add in your site. Here are detailed steps to enter java code in your site.
  3. If you site is using WordPress then you can use this plugin “Easy Tynt” to enable Tynt on your site or tynt gives detail steps to embed the java code in your site. easy tyny plugin
  4. After that you have embedded your java code , whenever someone will copy anything from your site then your link will always be copied. tynt copied
  5. You can test the same thing on my website now.

You can also customize the way your link will be presented by Tynt. You can even add your Facebook and twitter account link in the copied text.

Happy Sharing!

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