4 Best Online File Sharing Software Programs

When looking into online file sharing software programs, it’s important to remember not to blindly follow the most commonly used programs. While many file sharing tools can boast being cost-free, you want to look for safety, design, and a user-friendly medium that won’t bog your computer. Remember, many file sharing programs can be legally free. It’s the content you download that may or may not be legal. Here are four safe, well run programs that can stand the test of time and content.

1. UTorrent

A very popular, effective file sharing tool is UTorrent. This is a BitTorrent client that’s 100% legal to use. The executable file containing the program is less than 1 MB, and it uses less than 6 MB of memory. This enables the user to run the program with little to no notice in change of speed. The software is constantly being updated by the designer and stands as a longtime favorite among downloaders. It has all the extras such as bandwidth prioritization, RSS auto downloading, supports the protocol encryption joint specification and peer exchange.

2. eMule

eMule is an extremely effective means of file sharing for two distinct reasons. The first is that all files are checked for corruptions during download to ensure completely safe downloading. The second is that it’s composed of several networks driven into one, making for a much bigger database of files to choose from. It also boasts a built-in IRC client so that users can chat with other downloaders around the world, making a fun, easy way to find friends with like interests that can network with one another. eMule is available at downloadhaus.com.

3. FrostWire
FrostWire is another BitTorrent client that is favored among the masses. It’s the brainchild of many different open source developers and also boasts the huge benefit of keeping its users safe from malware, adware and viruses, much like the previously mentioned eMule. It’s also iTunes compatible, a feature that many other file sharing programs can’t claim.

4. Vuse

The final program on our list is Vuse, previously known as Azureus. Since it’s been revamped, it’s considered newer, but this little known bit of software can pack a punch for the right audience. With a plethora of features, this BitTorrent client offers its users access to all qualities of videos, including those with HD graphics. It also deals you an easy method to upload your own content as well, giving you the option of charging money for your original content if you see fit. It offers a clean area to surf through channels showing various media, but you must have Java installed if you wish to utilize this program.

Dan is a blogger and Internet marketer who relies on http://downloadhaus.com in order to get the latest software downloads.

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