Super desktop prank ( will freak out anyone)


This trick is a very funny one. What we actually do is that we replace desktop with a photo of it. So whenever someone will click on desktop there will be no response. So here are the steps:

  1. Go to desktop and press “Print Screen”
  2. Now open paint and press ctrl + v. The image will be pasted.
  3. Save the images anywhere as a jpg format. TO do this give its extension as .jpg
    e.g anyname.jpg
  4. Now set the image as desktop wallpaper.
  5. Then go to task manager and end the process named “explorer.exe”
    end explorer.exe
  6. Now tell the person you want to make fun of , to open any thing.
  7. Instead of repetitive clicks , that person will not be able to get anywhere. Record his/her reaction.frighten cartton

To again normally use the computer start task manager and create a new task named “explorer.exe”

Thank You

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