Check PageRank without captcha

page rankPageRank by Google is one of the many methods that are used to check a site’s fame and performance on net. It is simply based on number of back links a site get but the method to calculate is far more complex and secret.

Everyone of us want to know our site’s Page Rank. It is very easy to know our page rank but the most official site for it i.e. have made our work a bit more tiresome. Every time we want to check page rank of any site we need to pass through a cpatcha test. No matter how simple it is but entering captcha on every check far more to sensible. In fact most of the top site for checking page rank ask for a captcha verification.

One method to get pagerank without captcha is to install Google toolbar. This will not only give you the sites page rank but also many other cool features. However the Google toolbar is only available for Internet Explorer but there are many add-on to get page rank in Firefox and chrome , which are listed below. .You can download your add-on from here:

If you don’t want to install any of these above add-on then there are many sites that tells you the page rank instantly and without any captcha. Her is the list of some of them:

    This quick site tells your site page rank as soon as you finish typing. It ran smoothly on every trial and you can also get a page rank badge for your website. This site run on Ajax programming that loads java script without any click or enter.It own page rank is 3.
    You get your pager rank quickly and accurate. Their is also an option to share your page rank with your friends on different social networking sites.
    You can search page rank to 10 different urls at once and it also shows you previous queries. A good option for bulk PageRank check.

So now you don’t need to be worry for any captcha , just select any option from above and get your page rank.

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