Bit-Torrent Basic Tutorial for Beginners

bit torrent

Bit-Torrent is not a program. It’s a method of downloading files using a distributed peer-to-peer file sharing system.Bit-Torrent breaks up and distributes files in hundreds of small pieces, you don’t even need to have downloaded the whole file before you start sharing.This is a quick bit-torrent basic tutorial for new and inexperienced users

In order to download a file like the educational public domain video we mentioned above, you have to find and download a torrent file (which uses the .torrent file extension) and then open it with your Bit-Torrent client.


  • Search for a good torrent: (from any torrent search engine, some are listed below)pirate bay

    Enter the name of the file in search box and you will get many result. Make sure that the torrent you had selected have good number of seeders. Seeders are people who had already download that torrent and are sharing it. More seeders the faster your torrent will be.

  • Download the torrent:
    After you have got a good torrent, download it. After it is downloaded( few seconds) .Double click the torrent and your client will open and your torrent will automatically start. Gradually it will increase it speed.

THAT IS IT – this show how you can search and download a torrent. There is lot more to know but this is just basic and will work fine.

Please keep uploading in Bit-Torrent community to keep it healthy and alive.

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