5 iPhone Features You Didn’t Know About

With the iPhone 5 hitting the market with a big splash, plenty of people picked up their new iDevice on day one. What they don’t know about the device is that it actually has a ton of great features that are not very apparent from the get go. So here are 5 iPhone features you didn’t know :

  • The Remote Isn’t Working – iPhone 5, Check That for Me:INFRARED ICON
    Any remote you have in your house, be it for the television or the stereo, will stop working at some point. It can be frustrating to try to figure out what went wrong and often times you’ll just go buy a new one. This trick is actually usable on any of the iPhone devices with a camera, or any phone with a camera for that matter, but is worth mentioning. Simply turn on the phone’s camera, point the remote at it and click some buttons. Do you see a red light shooting out from it? If so, the remote isn’t dead, it just has some other issue. The reason this works is because a camera can pick up the infrared signals that our eyes can’t. It’s almost like you just watched an episode of Mr. Wizard.
  • No Measuring Tape? No Problem:
    This requires an app that doesn’t come built-in, but simply download Point & Measure and turn your phone into a measuring stick. Simply use the app to check the distance from one object to the next and you’ll get a good approximation of your distance.
  • Take a Screenie:
    screenshot iconThis has been a feature on most iDevices for a while, but for those just getting into the game, your phone can take a screenshot of the current display on the screen. This is great for countless reasons, and it is extremely simple to do. Simply hold down the menu button (the square in the circle at the bottom of the phone) and click the power button. View the images in your gallery and share all kinds of personal information with the internet.
  • Get Scientific:
    iphone calcThe calculator app on the iPhone is simple enough to use and works just like any calculator. If you turn it on its side, though, the iPhone becomes just a little smarter and converts the calculator into a scientific calculator. For the math folks out there this is probably a huge benefit that they may not have known about yet.
  • Get Jammin’:
    When you want to start jamming out to some of the music you’ve downloaded, you normally have to unlock the phone and get to the music section to get things going. Now you can simply double tap the menu (or home) button on the bottom of the phone and your music controls will pop up. You can also open your Apple Music app and go to the “more” tab to edit the menu buttons that display when you bring up the quick Music Player. Part of the reason people love iPhones is because of the integration with the music library, so this is one of those features that should be more readily advertised.

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