10 Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

In the scramble for the new operating system, it is easy to forget the important question: Can Windows 8 make life a little easier for me? Indications are that it can. But not everybody has the time to turn the OS inside out to find the tricks necessary to manipulate Microsoft’s new software to the best advantage. If you have plans to use your HP coupon code to get a copy of Windows 8, find out what many techies have yet to fully figure out.

Here are the top 10 tips and tricks for windows 8:

1. Lock screen dilemma

Unlike previous versions of the Windows OS, Windows 8 will open to a plain lock screen. Suddenly, the idea of using your pc is confusing. Don’t call for a technician though. Simply move the mouse or tap the space bar to display your regular log in screen. You will get the same results from a swipe on a touch screen.

2. Remove lock screen

To keep the lock screen hidden before password entry, press the Windows key and R to display the Run box. Select GPEdit.msc. Go to Computer Configuration, then Administrative Templates and Control Panel. In Personalization, double-click the option “Do not display the lock screen” to select Enabled, then click OK. This setting will be effective after you restart the pc.

3. Easy screenshots

Do you need to take a screenshot fast? It’s easy with Windows 8. Simply press the Windows key and Print Screen together and the screen contents will be converted to a.PNG file format and placed in your Pictures folder.

4. Faster start menu navigation

By right clicking near the bottom left corner, you get a full collection of menus and features. Pressing X while holding down the Windows key gives a similar result, but with a text menu.

5. Metro interface

Windows 8 comes with a colorful display of tiled apps. Simply spin the mouse to pick your choice if you are using a normal PC. On a touch screen, simply swipe to your item of choice. For navigation using the keyboard, pressing the Home or End key takes you to either extreme, from which you can use the cursors keys to select an item.

6. Instant onscreen apps

You can customize the onscreen apps to fit your style. Simply drag and arrange apps in various groups and place them in specific areas on the screen. This way, you have an orderly desktop. A magnifying glass feature in the bottom right corner helps you to identify the various group members.

7. Locating your apps

To locate your ordinary applications, while holding down the Windows key, press Q to get to the scrolling list of installed applications. You will get the same results by right-clicking an empty space of the screen.

8. What applications are running?

To find out which applications are running at any time, press the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys together, then select Task Manager. This has been a feature of MS Windows for a very long time, so it’s not just a Win 8 tip!

9. Easy access to frequently used applications

You can pin your frequently used applications to the start screen tiles. Right-click the application to reveal the options.

10. Shutting down Windows 8

Without a start menu, how do you shut down?

Hold down the Windows key, and then press I to display a power button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Clicking the power button will display shut down and start options. Alternatively, you can move the cursor to the bottom right-hand corner and click the settings icon.

Todd H. Bennett is a software developer and spends a lot of time working with computers.You can connect to her by Google+.

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