How Old And New Technology Help Each Other

Technology is one subject that does not seem to have an end chapter. There are endless discoveries to be made and updates and revisions of the old technologies. Today, technology plays a bigger role in our lives than it did a few years back. From mobile phones to cars, laptop, computers, server connections and anything under the sun are dependent on technology. While the obsoleteness of many gadgets is becoming more and more rapid with the advance in years, it is not that old technology loses its role entirely in the market even today.

What Do We Mean By Old Technology

Old technology is a term whose definition keeps changing every day. A decade earlier, decade old technology was termed as “old” technology. Today, techno that was introduced last year becomes “old” technology. That is also because, keeping up with the new trends in the market and the rapid introduction of new processes and gadgets within a span of months or weeks, we tend to segregate the older versions or older gadgets as “old” technology even if they were introduced a month back. That is how the terminology of “old” technology is changing with the times. However, in general we can state that, any technology that has a new and improved version in the market can be termed as old technology.

What We Mean By New Technology

New technology is what we see being launched in the market everyday. New mobile phones of the different brands, cars, home lifestyle devices, software programs are some of the different devices that have new up-gradation every other week or month. New technology of course, in the strictest sense of the word, means new avenues of technology that have not been experienced before. Thus, a new car make or a new mobile device that is launched would be termed as new technology.

How Old Technology Helps the New

typewriter with mouse and cd

No matter how new a technology is, no technology is entirely new as it has a base or a root in an old technology. Thus, mp3 players have their root in the computer audio systems; mobile phones have mobile operating systems and software that imitate the functionality of the computer systems and software programs for computer user.

Old Technology Never Dies
old tech junkThus, as we realize that all new technology has its roots in the old, there is an alternate way of looking at things. That the old technology does not fade away absolutely but takes on newer forms. That is the case with most new technologies that we are using today. However, there are many antique technological devices and processes that did not see much success in the commercial field for which they are now obsolete and there are no revised or upgraded versions of such technologies. Thus, we need to respect the old and learn from them since their limitations are where the opportunities for the new life.

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